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About Bruce Prince


Bruce has lived in Teaneck since 1978 and has been active in his community ever since his schooner docked in Teaneck Bay on that infamous cold and snowy morning in July.
Mr. Prince has been active in a wide range of groups, associations and congregational life.
He served as Congregation Beth Sholom’s President and is co-president of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Teaneck.
Mr. Prince was the founder of The Teaneck General Store. Although the store operated as a gift store and café by day, it was a venue for local musicians, artisans, and all local talent to share their talents with the Teaneck community at night.
The Teaneck General Store had also partnered with Yachad, an Orthodox Union initiative that offers job training for individuals with disabilities.
Embroideries Unlimited, like the Teaneck General Store will continue to avail itself and its facilities to community programs and events.
Bruce is the proud father of four children and six grandchildren and is married to Stacey Lieberman, Executive Creative Director of Spotco, an advertising agency exclusively partnering with Broadway theater.



Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery


Our family has been producing textiles since 1921 and we continue to offer a full range of textiles, as well as promotional products for every occasion, budget, and use.

We can apply your artwork or design for your event or have our graphic designers help you to create the perfect product.

We offer a full range of garments, bags, hats, towels, flashlights, key chains, buttons, lanyards, water bottles, scarves, aprons, uniforms, ceramic mugs… just to name a few.

Our factories are close by, our service and prices are both friendly and competitive and we go the extra mile to make sure that you are a happy customer.

Send your inquiries to bruce@embroideriesunlimited.com for price quotes, additional information or any questions about how we can help you.


Schiffli Embroidery


William Prince, pictured in this photo, stands by his first Schiffli embroidery machine in Hudson County, NJ in 1921. Like many other newly arrived immigrants, the Schiffli embroidery industry provided a means of independence and a gateway to the American dream. Entire families toiled for long hours to make a living, but as the garment industry flourished in the late 1940’s, 50’s and into the 1980’s, the “needle trade” became an important business that provided a means of support for many area residents. William Prince was later joined by his sons, Norman and Marvin Prince, and Prince Embroidery continues to be a fixture in the textile manufacturing arena for over 90 years.


The textile industry, once thriving and ubiquitous in the “garment center” is no longer the heart of the world’s garment manufacturing. Most operations have moved to developing nations and trim and support industries, like Schiffli embroidery, have followed suit. However, Schiffli embroidery is still produced in Hudson county, and Embroideries Unlimited Inc. is proud to continue the Prince family tradition in this ancient art of embroidery. Please note that Schiffli embroidery is geared towards large quantities for garment or home furnishing applications. This documentary film outlines this unique cottage industry, and can be purchased. Please enjoy the complimentary online version below:

From: “A Cultural Thread” by Miriam Lobel; used with permission